Why is our P3R particle filter superior to any other particle filter in terms of best protection against covid-19 and other viruses?

  1. It has the highest possible filtration efficiency, which is higher than 99.9999%.
  2. Lowest internal leakage rate which is 20 000x lower than standard FFP3 FMP3 !
  3. It has very long durability and can be stored for 10 years
  4. Very comfortable to wear even for longer period of time, weights only 50g !
  5. Certification Standard: EN 143:2000
  6. Very low resistivity and low obstacle while breathing according standard EN 141:2000:  120
  7. General purpose connection Rd 40x 1/7" compatible to many half and full face masks (military, police, rescue& emergency stuff)
  8. Reusable after sterilisation at 60°C for 2-3 hours can be used until the filter resistivity  increases due to dust collection inside the filter


In which country is this filter been produced?

Our Covid-19 particle filter is been produced in Czech Republic, which is a member of EU


What is the filter made from?

Our Anti-COVID19 particle filter is made from special composite microfibrous folded filter structure  which provides optimum gripping surface, low breathing resistance and very high filtering efficiency and capacity. It captures a wide range of particles such as dust, aerosols, fumes, highly toxic particles, radioactive fallout, dangerous microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, toxins etc.

Classification of particle filters:

FFP = disposable masks and FMP =reusable masks. Levels P1, P2 and P3 for these two categories correspond to the same requirements. The levels vary according to the rate of Total Internal Leakage (FTI), the quantity of air which does not pass through the filter and which is enters unfiltered, as well the Penetration rate (=filtration rate) of the filter media. This means how many  % of particles get retained by the filter.

FFP1 or FMP1 = Filtration: 80% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 22% maximum
FFP2 or FMP2 = Filtration: 94% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 8% maximum
FFP3 or FMP3 = Filtration: 98% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 2% maximum
COVID19 Filter = Filtration 99.9999% minimum.   Internal leakage rate: 0,0001% maximum !